Solving of optimization hydrodynamic problems using the distributed computing resources of Moscow University



hydrodynamics, optimization, distributed computing, X-Com, FlowVision, IOSO


A software package architecture for solving the optimization problems of aero- and hydrodynamics in distributed computing environments is considered. The package consists of the FlowVision system for solving the hydrodynamic direct problems, the IOSO system for searching an optimal, and the X-Com system for distributing the computing loads on the nodes of supercomputers.

Author Biographies

S.A. Zhumatiy

S.I. Sobolev

K.S. Stefanov


  1. Семейство продуктов IOSO (
  2. Система метакомпьютинга X-Com (
  3. Система FlowVision (
  4. Пакет PuTTY ( sgtatham/putty/).
  5. Система управления заданиями Cleo (
  6. Суперкомпьютерный комплекс МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова (
  7. Программный комплекс виртуализации VMware (



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Жуматий С., Соболев С., Стефанов К. Solving of Optimization Hydrodynamic Problems Using the Distributed Computing Resources of Moscow University // Numerical Methods and Programming (Vychislitel’nye Metody i Programmirovanie). 2010. 11. 66-68



Section 2. Programming

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