Statistical moments and multipoint magnetic field correlators in a galactic dynamo model with random turbulent diffusion


  • D.A. Grachev
  • S.A. Elistratov
  • E.A. Mikhailov


galactic dynamo
magnetic field
equations with random coefficients
statistical moment


In this paper we consider a stochastic model of the galactic dynamo in which the coefficient of turbulent diffusion is considered as a random process with renewal. The numerical simulation of statistical moments as well as two-point and three-point correlators of the magnetic field showing the relation between its values at various time instants is performed. The presence of intermittency expressed in the progressive growth of moments and correlators in the case of "quiet" regions of galaxies with a small fraction of the ionized hydrogen component is shown. The numerical results are compared with the results obtained analytically earlier.





Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Author Biographies

D.A. Grachev

S.A. Elistratov

E.A. Mikhailov


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