A two-dimensional hybrid model of an open plasma trap


  • E.A. Genrikh
  • M.A. Boronina


Vlasov equation
Maxwell’s equations
hybrid model
particle-in-cell method


A hybrid mathematical model of an axisymmetric plasma trap based on the kinetic description for the ion component of the plasma and the MHD approximation for the electronic component is presented. On the basis of the hybrid model, a two-dimensional algorithm is developed to study the dynamics of injected particles in the trap field. The motion of the ion component is calculated by the particle-in-cell method. Finite-difference schemes are used to calculate the magnetic field and the electron component of the plasma. On the basis of the developed algorithm, a program code is created to study the mechanisms of the self-consistent magnetic field structure formation.





Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Author Biographies

E.A. Genrikh

M.A. Boronina


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