Numerical Methods for Black Box Software


  • S.I. Martynenko


parallel and high performance computing
boundary value problems
multigrid methods
black box software


A number of requirements are formulated to the numerical algorithms for black box software intended for mathematical modeling in continuum mechanics. An analysis of applied properties of the classical multigrid methods and robust multigrid technique in the framework of "robustness-efficiency-parallelism"problem is performed. It is shown that a close-to-optimal complexit y with the least number of problem-dependent components and high parallel efficiency can be achieved with the robust multigrid technique on globally structured grids. Application of unstructured grids requires the accurate definition of two problem-dependent components (intergrid operators) that strongly affect on the complexity of an algorithm.





Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Author Biography

S.I. Martynenko

Central Institute of Aviation Motors
• Senior Researcher


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