Representation of algorithmic approaches in the AlgoWiki electronic encyclopedia




AlgoWiki encyclopedia, information structure, problem, method, algorithm, implementation, parallelism, rating, architectural profile


AlgoWiki is an open encyclopedia of algorithms’ properties and features of their implementations on different hardware and software platforms. It can be used to achieve various aims, for example, to search for the optimal algorithm to solve a certain problem, to analyze the information structure of an application or to compare the efficiency of different implementations of an algorithm. This paper describes the emerging new features of the AlgoWiki encyclopedia aimed at creating a joint presentation of various algorithmic approaches to solve the same problem. This is the aim of the subject area description in the form of chains "problem-method-algorithm-implementation" supplemented by the possibility of generating ratings based on any algorithms of the encyclopedia as well as a mechanism of "architectural profiles".

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A.S. Antonov


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Section 1. Numerical methods and applications