Target optimization of a supercomputer task flow


  • S.N. Leonenkov Lomonosov Moscow State University



supercomputer, scheduling efficiency, scheduling algorithms, SLURM


This paper is a result of studying the task flows observed on the Lomonosov and Lomonosov-2 supercomputers. A new approach to evaluating the performance of a supercomputer system based on its basic performance characteristics is proposed. A supercomputer’s scheduling efficiency function is introduced for Lomonosov, Lomonosov-2 and other systems. The approach allows the system administrators to compare various supercomputer systems based on their usage aims. This paper describes the Moscow State University experience of applying the proposed approach to the optimization of Lomonosov and Lomonosov-2 scheduling resources.

Author Biography

S.N. Leonenkov


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Section 1. Numerical methods and applications