An algorithm for packing balls of two types in a three-dimensional set with a non-euclidean metric




optimal packing of balls of different radii, computational algorithm, billiard modeling, optical-geometric method, software package


The problem of packing balls of two types into a closed bounded set in three-dimensional space with the Euclidean metric and a special non-Euclidean metric. It is required to maximize the radius of the balls for a given number of balls of each type and a known ratio of radii. We propose a omputational algorithm based on a combination of the billiard modeling method and the optical-geometric approach employing the fundamental physical principles of Fermat and Huygens. The results of numerical experiments are discussed.

Author Biographies

A.L. Kazakov

A.A. Lempert

C.T. Ta


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Section 1. Numerical methods and applications