Simulation of a shock wave interaction with a bounded inhomogeneous gas–particle layer using the hybrid large-particle method




hybrid large-particle method, inhomogeneous gas–particle layer, shock wave, relaxation, asymptotically exact solution


The problems of shock wave interaction with a bounded layer of gas suspension is studied in the case when a square-section inhomogeneity of reduced or increased density is situated inside this layer. The hybrid large-particle method of the second-order approximation in space and time is used for calculations. The numerical correctness of discontinuous solutions, in particular jumps of porosity, is confirmed by comparison with the asymptotically exact profiles of the mixture density. Analytical dependences of shock wave attenuation by a gas suspension layer are given. Shock-wave structures in two-dimensional regions and the effect of relaxation processes on them are analyzed.

Author Biographies

D.V. Sadin

I.O. Golikov

V.A. Davidchuk


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