Synthesis of highly efficient multilayer dielectric diffraction gratings for spectral combining of laser beams




multilayer diffraction grating, spectral beam combining, incomplete Galerkin method, scattering matrix method, synthesis problem


The paper is devoted to the synthesis of multilayer dielectric reflection diffraction gratings providing high-efficiency spectral combining of the beams with different wavelengths in a given diffraction order. The results are presented for solving the synthesis problems for multilayer dielectric diffraction gratings providing spectral combining in the first or minus first diffraction order. Besides, the synthesis problem for such gratings is solved with account taken of possible technological constraints imposed by the height of the grating profile (etch depth). The solution of the synthesis problem is obtained by means of Nelder-Mead minimization of the merit function depending on the grating parameters. At each minimization step the direct problem is solved using a combination of the incomplete Galerkin method and scattering matrix method.

Author Biography

A.A. Petukhov

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics, Department of mathematics
• Leading Programmer


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