CABARET scheme on moving grids for two-dimensional equations of gas dynamics and dynamic elasticity




conservative-characteristic methods, CABARET scheme, arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) variables, hyperbolic type equations, free boundary


The conservative-characteristic CABARET scheme is widely used in solving many problems for systems of differential equations of hyperbolic type in Euler variables. The increasing urgency of the problems of interaction of deformable bodies with liquid and gas flows requires the adaptation of this method to Lagrangian and arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian variables. Earlier, the CABARET scheme was constructed for one-dimensional equations of gas dynamics in mass Lagrangian variables, as well as for three-dimensional equations of dynamic elasticity. In the first case, the constructed scheme could not be generalized to multidimensional problems, and in the second, a time-irreversible grid movement algorithm was used. This paper presents a generalization of the CABARET method to two-dimensional equations of gas dynamics and dynamic elasticity in arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian and Lagrangian variables. The constructed method is explicit, easily scalable, and has the property of temporal reversibility. The method is tested on various one-dimensional and two-dimensional problems for both systems of equations (collision of elastic bodies, transverse vibrations of an elastic beam, motion of the free boundary of an ideal gas).

Author Biographies

Nikita A. Afanasiev

Petr A. Maiorov


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