The Kantorovich projection method in the generalized quadratic spectrum approximation




Spectral pollution, Spectral approximation, Kantorovich Projection, Eigenvalue


The objective of this paper is to construct a generalized quadratic spectrum approximation based on the Kantorovich projection method which llows us to deal with the spectral pollution problem. For this purpose, we prove that the property U (see Eq. 3) holds under weaker conditions than the norm and the collectively compact convergence. Numerical results illustrate the effectiveness and the convergence of our method.

Author Biographies

Somia Kamouche

University 08 mai 1945,
Department of Mathematics, Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Modeling
P. 401, 24000, Guelma, Algeria
• Researcher

Hamza Guebbai

University 08 mai 1945,
Department of Mathematics, Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Modeling
P. 401, 24000, Guelma, Algeria
• Leading Researcher

Mourad Ghiat

University 08 mai 1945,
Department of Mathematics, Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Modeling
P. 401, 24000, Guelma, Algeria
• Leading Researcher

Muhammet Kurulay

Yıldız Technical University,
Faculty of Chemistry and Metallurgy, Department of Mathematics Engineering
Davutpasa Campus Esenler, 34220, Istanbul, Turkey
• Researcher


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Kamouche Somia, Guebbai Hamza, Ghiat Mourad, Kurulay Muhammet The Kantorovich Projection Method in the Generalized Quadratic Spectrum Approximation // Numerical Methods and Programming (Vychislitel’nye Metody i Programmirovanie). 2022. 23. 240-247. doi 10.26089/NumMet.v23r315



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