Conservative-characteristic method for solving hyperbolic systems of equations on triangular computational grids


  • Vasily M. Goloviznin
  • Daniil Y. Gorbachev
  • Nikita A. Afanasiev


conservative-characteristic methods
CABARET method
computational fluid dynamics
shallow water
triangular computational grids


This article considers a conservative-characteristic numerical method for solving hyperbolic systems of equations on triangular computational grids. The main steps of the algorithm are described with the example of solving two-dimensional shallow water equations. The method is verified and compared with the methods developed by other authors on the main tests for shallow water equations over a flat bottom.





Methods and algorithms of computational mathematics and their applications

Author Biographies

Vasily M. Goloviznin

Daniil Y. Gorbachev

Nikita A. Afanasiev


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