An approach to automating the implementation of applications intended for operation with compound data structures


  • O.B. Arushanian Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • N.A. Bogomolov Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • A.D. Kovalev Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • N.I. Volchenskova Lomonosov Moscow State University


программное обеспечение, инструментальные программные средства, виртуальная память, язык Паскаль, базы данных, Delphi


The architecture of a basic software tool kit for automating the implementation of applications intended for interactive operation with compound data structures is described. The main concepts and software components are discussed. The work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (04-07-90288).

Author Biographies

O.B. Arushanian

N.A. Bogomolov

A.D. Kovalev

N.I. Volchenskova


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Арушанян О., Богомолов Н., Ковалев А., Волченскова Н. An Approach to Automating the Implementation of Applications Intended for Operation With Compound Data Structures // Numerical Methods and Programming (Vychislitel’nye Metody i Programmirovanie). 2005. 6. 1-9



Section 2. Programming

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