A method to cut convex polyhedrons and its applications to ill-posed problems



некорректная задача, оценка погрешности, метод отсечения выпуклых многогранников, уравнение теплопроводности


We first consider linear ill-posed problems on compact sets of a special structure. Second, two approaches based on the method to cut convex polyhedrons for estimation of an error of an approximate solution are proposed. Finally, the domain the exact solution of the inverse problem for the heat conduction equation belongs to is constructed.

Author Biographies

V.N. Titarenko

A.G. Yagola


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Титаренко В.Н., Ягола А.Г. A Method to Cut Convex Polyhedrons and Its Applications to Ill-Posed Problems // Numerical methods and programming. 2000. 1. 8-13



Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

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