Application of parallel algorithms for solving the problem of fluid flow to wells with complicated configurations in fractured porous reservoirs


  • D.A. Gubajdullin Institute of Mechanics and Engineering - Subdivision of «Kazan Scientific Center of RAS»
  • R.V. Sadovnikov Institute of Mechanics and Engineering - Subdivision of «Kazan Scientific Center of RAS»


параллельные вычисления, моделирование фильтрации, пористые среды, анизотропия коэффициента проницаемости, неструктурированные сетки, численные методы


The questions related to solving the problems of fluid flow to wells with different trajectories (vertical, inclined, horizontal, etc.) on high performance computers are considered. The finite element method is used on unstructured grids of tetrahedrons. The resulting system of linear algebraic equations is solved with the use of the Aztec parallel iterative library that includes a number of Krylov iterative methods with different preconditioners on the basis of the MPI-technology.

Author Biographies

D.A. Gubajdullin

R.V. Sadovnikov


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Губайдуллин Д., Садовников Р. Application of Parallel Algorithms for Solving the Problem of Fluid Flow to Wells With Complicated Configurations in Fractured Porous Reservoirs // Numerical Methods and Programming (Vychislitel’nye Metody i Programmirovanie). 2007. 8. 244-251



Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

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