Regular algorithms for the analysis of radio-location images


  • A.L. Ageev
  • M.E. Korshunov


интегральные уравнения Фредгольма первого рода


The problem of navigation on the basis of radio-location images is considered. The image distortions are described by a convolution-type Fredholm integral equation of the first kind and by a statistical noise. In order to solve the navigation problem, it is necessary to determine, with a high accuracy, the coordinates of the point from which an image is formed. To accomplish this, a comparison is performed between this image and the master image obtained with the use of an area map. A new regularization algorithm is proposed to enhance the accuracy of determining the coordinates. Some results of model computations are discussed.





Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Author Biographies

A.L. Ageev

M.E. Korshunov


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