Application of the smoothed particle hydrodynamics method for solving gas-dynamic problems


  • A.V. Aliev The Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics of SB RAS (ICM&MG SB RAS)


математическое моделирование, SPH-метод, метод сглаженных частиц, вычислительная астрофизика, газодинамика


The modern level of computing technologies makes it possible to perform the mathematical simulation of complicated scientific problems and to study a number of natural phenomena, such as the formation of stars and planetary systems from a protosubstance and their further evolution. One of the most efficient gas-dynamic computation methods for astrophysical simulation is the meshless smoothed particle hydrodynamics method (the SPH-method). The complete Lagrangian nature of this method allows one to conduct simulations over a very wide dynamic range of density, pressure, and temperature. A number of numerical results obtained by the SPH-method are discussed. In order to take into account the gravitation interactions, a hierarchical tree-code method is applied.

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A.V. Aliev


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Section 1. Numerical methods and applications