An abstract-algebraic approach to the construction of computing environments to solve problems in object formulation


  • V.V. Suvorov


abstract-algebraic approach
object formulation
data self-transformation
system-creating principle


A method for solving mathematical and applied problems in object-oriented representation is proposed. The method is based on using abstract algebraic structures and Java language coding. A computing environment is created whose dynamics is controlled by the functional and predicative components of the problem’s object content. A solution is obtained as a result of data self-transformation of the problem’s initial content. The possibility of applying the method to solve algebraic problems is discussed when a problem is represented in matrix form or as a system of equations to determine the structural and group characteristics. The work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project No. 09-07-12135).





Section 2. Programming

Author Biography

V.V. Suvorov


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