An approach to cluster system task flow monitoring, analysis, and visualization



parallel computing, monitoring, tasks flow, computing cluster


Big cluster systems are spreading wide, so that the efficiency of use of such systems is a very actual task for now. In order to solve this task, it is needed to identify the efficiency problems appearing during the task execution, to notify users about appeared problems, and to suggest possible ways to resolve them. This can be achieved by the continuous monitoring of running tasks and by data analysis. This paper discusses an approach to solve these tasks and describes a working prototype.

Author Biographies

A.V. Adinetz

P.A. Bryzgalov

Vad.V. Voevodin

S.A. Zhumatiy

D.A. Nikitenko


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Адинец А., Брызгалов П., Воеводин В., Жуматий С., Никитенко Д. An Approach to Cluster System Task Flow Monitoring, Analysis, and Visualization // Numerical Methods and Programming (Vychislitel’nye Metody i Programmirovanie). 2011. 12. 90-93



Section 2. Programming

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