Parallel algorithms of solving the Poisson equation using oblique cross grids in backward-facing step domains


  • A.M. Ryazanov Nuclear Safety Institute (IBRAE) of RAS
  • S.A. Finogenov Nuclear Safety Institute (IBRAE) of RAS


gas dynamics, hydrodynamics, Poisson equation, method of fictitious components, parallel computing, MPI, PETSc PDF (in Russian) (147KB) PDF. zip (in Russian) (123KB)


In problems of hydrodynamics for incompressible fluid, the procedure of solving the Poisson equation to determine the pressure is a main computing unit. The paper suggests a parallel implementation of the fictitious domain method for the Poisson equation in a three-dimensional backward-facing step domain. This method is based on the parallel realization of a fast algorithm for solving the Poisson equation in a parallelepiped. Some standard methods of solving this equation on the basis of the PETSc package are also considered. A comparative analysis of these two approaches is discussed using the numerical results obtained on a multiprocessor complex named «Lomonosov».

Author Biographies

A.M. Ryazanov

S.A. Finogenov


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Рязанов А., Финогенов С. Parallel Algorithms of Solving the Poisson Equation Using Oblique Cross Grids in Backward-Facing Step Domains // Numerical Methods and Programming (Vychislitel’nye Metody i Programmirovanie). 2013. 14. 18-23



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