Simulation of an ideal quantum computer on a supercomputer ’Lomonosov’


  • O.V. Korzh
  • S.V. Korobkov
  • D.Yu. Andreev
  • A.A. Korzh
  • A.Yu. Chernyavskiy


quantum informatics
Grover’s algorithm
quantum Fourier transform
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One of the problems whose solution is expected to be available by exaflops supercomputers is to build a computer based on new principles that will provide a significant progress in computing speed. This paper presents a simulation of an ideal quantum computer on a supercomputer «Lomonosov». An efficient algorithm for parallel computations of one-, two- and three-qubit transformations is proposed. This algorithm uses DISLIB. As an example, the quantum Grover algorithm and the quantum Fourier transform are considered.





Section 2. Programming

Author Biographies

O.V. Korzh

S.V. Korobkov

D.Yu. Andreev

A.A. Korzh

A.Yu. Chernyavskiy


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