An orthogonal power method of solving the partial eigenproblem for a symmetric nonnegative definite matrix


  • I.V. Kireev


conjugate direction method
Krylov subspaces


An efficient version of the conjugate direction method to find a nontrivial solution of a homogeneous system of linear algebraic equations with a singular symmetric nonnegative definite square matrix is proposed and substantiated. A one-parameter family of one-step nonlinear iterative processes to determine the eigenvector corresponding to the largest eigenvalue of a symmetric nonnegative definite square matrix is also proposed. This family includes the power method as a special case. The convergence of corresponding vector sequences to the eigenvector associated with the largest eigenvalue of the matrix is proved. A two-step procedure is formulated to accelerate the convergence of iterations for these processes. This procedure is based on the orthogonalization in Krylov subspaces. A number of numerial results are discussed.





Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Author Biography

I.V. Kireev


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