An approximation algorithm for the treatment of sound points in the CABARET scheme


  • V.M. Goloviznin Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • A.V. Solovjev Nuclear Safety Institute (IBRAE) of RAS
  • V.A. Isakov Lomonosov Moscow State University



systems of hyperbolic equations, shallow water equations with bottom topography, numerical methods, sound point, CABARET scheme


A new numerical approach to the calculation of flux variables on a new time layer in the CABARET (Compact Accurately Boundary Adjusting-REsolution Technique) scheme for the numerical solution of quasilinear hyperbolic differential equations is described. This approach allows one to uniformly treat all cases of sound points and does not violate the time reversibility properties of difference schemes in the absence of nonlinear correction of fluxes.

Author Biographies

V.M. Goloviznin

A.V. Solovjev

V.A. Isakov


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Головизнин В., Соловьев А., Исаков В. An Approximation Algorithm for the Treatment of Sound Points in the CABARET Scheme // Numerical Methods and Programming (Vychislitel’nye Metody i Programmirovanie). 2016. 17. 166-176. doi 10.26089/NumMet.v17r215



Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

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