Application of the Fourier-Gauss transform to the Cauchy problem for the Schroedinger equation: theoretical consideration of the numerical algorithm


  • G.R. Aidagulov Lomonosov Moscow State University


нестационарное уравнение Шредингера, гауссовы волновые пакеты, преобразование Фурье-Гаусса, задача Коши, численные методы, устойчивость, сходимость


The theoretical justification of the earlier proposed numerical procedure for solving the Scroedinger equation by the Fourier-Gauss transform is given. Some sufficient conditions for the equation (potential) and initial states to make the method applicable are investigated.

Author Biography

G.R. Aidagulov


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Айдагулов Г.Р. Application of the Fourier-Gauss Transform to the Cauchy Problem for the Schroedinger Equation: Theoretical Consideration of the Numerical Algorithm // Numerical Methods and Programming (Vychislitel’nye Metody i Programmirovanie). 2003. 4. 183-187



Section 1. Numerical methods and applications