Flows of ideal and real gases in channels of variable cross section with unsteady localized energy supply


  • N.A. Brykov
  • K.N. Volkov
  • V.N. Emelyanov
  • I.V. Teterina


computational fluid dynamics
finite volume method
energy supply
flow rate
shock wave


Gas flows are simulated in technical devices where processes associated with unsteady localized energy supply are proceeded. The finite volume method and the vectorized approach to the calculation of numerical fluxes are applied to the simulation of unsteady nozzle flows with intense energy supply. An approximate model of equilibrium thermodynamics of air is used to simulate thermodynamic processes in high-temperature air flows. The numerical results obtained for one-dimensional and two-dimensional nozzle flows with moving zones of energy supply are analyzed. A qualitative picture of gasdynamic and thermal processes in a nozzle with unsteady energy supply is discussed on the basis of the results of numerical simulation. A dependence of the nozzle flow rate and the displacement of nozzle shock wave on the intensity and cyclicity of energy supply is considered for overexpanded nozzle flow.





Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Author Biographies

N.A. Brykov

K.N. Volkov

V.N. Emelyanov

I.V. Teterina


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