Numerical simulation of nuclear magnetic resonance in saturated porous media with consideration of phase motion


  • K.L. Klimenok Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • A.Yu. Demianov Schlumberger Moscow Research Center



numerical simulation,, nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclear magnetic relaxation, flow propagator, passive admixture transport


A method to perform the numerical simulation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) for porous media saturated with a multicomponent fluid with consideration of phase motion is proposed. This method is applied to numerical models of porous media whose fluid component distribution is determined by the direct hydrodynamic simulation using the density functional method. Numerical results for NMR signals obtained for various pulse sequences and their usage for the transport description of fluid in porous media are discussed. Flow propagators for various flows are calculated. The flow propagators and the results obtained during passive admixture simulation are compared.

Author Biographies

K.L. Klimenok

A.Yu. Demianov

Schlumberger Moscow Research Center
• Senior Researcher


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Section 1. Numerical methods and applications