Acceleration of seismic data processing with wave-packet decomposition using NVidia CUDA


  • V.V. Nikitin
  • A.A. Duchkov
  • F. Andersson


Gaussian wave packet
Fourier transform


Seismic data are characterized by multidimensionality, large data sizes, and irregular structures. In this paper we consider an optimal decomposition of seismic data using the basis of Gaussian wave packets. We implemented and optimized a number of fast algorithms for forward and inverse transforms for three-dimensional seismic data decomposition. The algorithms implemented on GPU demonstrate 2-6x speedup compared to 20-core CPUs. The programs were tested on synthetic seismic data sets: data reconstruction by Gaussian wave-packet coefficients, data compression, denoising, and interpolation in the case of missing traces.





Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Author Biographies

V.V. Nikitin

Lund University,
MAX IV Laboratory
• Postdoctoral Researcher

A.A. Duchkov

F. Andersson


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