Surface relaxation effect on nuclear magnetic resonance flow propagators


  • K.L. Klimenok
  • A.Yu. Demianov
  • O.Yu. Dinariev


numerical simulation
nuclear magnetic resonance
flow propagator
passive admixture transport
surface relaxation


This paper is devoted to the development of the approach proposed earlier by the authors to the numerical simulation of nuclear magnetic resonance flow propagators in porous media. The agreement between the flow propagator and the admixture relative dispersion is discussed in detail and a theoretical conclusion on this fact is given. The conditions under which this conclusion is valid are also discussed. It is shown that the laboratory experiments do not take into account them because of relaxation processes in fluids. The influence of these processes is shown by numerical simulation. A method for the surface relaxivity effect estimation is developed.





Section 1. Numerical methods and applications

Author Biographies

K.L. Klimenok

A.Yu. Demianov

Schlumberger Moscow Research Center
• Senior Researcher

O.Yu. Dinariev

Schlumberger Moscow Research Center
• Leading Researcher


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