Fast calculation of the exponential function using tables


  • Eugene I. Vasilev
  • Grigorii А. Ionov
  • Mikhail А. Ionov


transcendental functions
architecture x86-64
Riemann problem
acceleration of calculations
tabulation of functions


In this paper, algorithms are described and compact software modules in the C language are presented for fast calculation of the exponential and logarithmic functions using tables for x86-64 architecture processors. The accuracy was evaluated and the performance was compared for some AMD and Intel processors. Generalization of the tabular approach has been implemented and tested for some trigonometric functions. On average, the proposed functions work 10 times faster than corresponding analogues from the standard mathematical library with prototypes in math.h.





Methods and algorithms of computational mathematics and their applications

Author Biographies

Eugene I. Vasilev

Volgograd State University,
Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies
• Professor

Grigorii А. Ionov

Volgograd State University,
Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies
• Student

Mikhail А. Ionov

Volgograd State University,
Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies
• Student


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