Integration of Fuzzy c-Means Clustering algorithm with PostgreSQL database management system


  • R.M. Miniakhmetov South Ural State University
  • M.L. Tsymbler South Ural State University


fuzzy clustering, integration clustering algorithms with relational DBMS


The integration of data mining algorithms with relational database management systems (DBMS) is a topical issue. The implementation of data mining algorithms by means of SQL provides the significant reducing of costs compared with using stand-alone utilities. This paper suggests an implementation of Fuzzy c-Means Clustering algorithm for the PostgreSQL open-source DBMS. This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project 12-07-00443a) and by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation (contract 07.514.11.4036).

Author Biographies

R.M. Miniakhmetov

M.L. Tsymbler


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